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    Board of Directors

    With a diverse mix of experience, backgrounds and skill sets, our directors bring a broad range of leadership and insight to the boardroom, and regularly contribute to the dialogue involved in effectively overseeing and guiding our business and affairs. Other than our CEO, all the members of the Board are independent.
    Director since 2003

    Ms. Clayton has been the Vice President, Global Operations and Supply Chain for Dell Inc., a provider of worldwide innovative technology, business products and services, since May 2008. From February 2006 to May 2008, she was the Vice President, Dell Americas Operations. From June 2005 until February 2006, Ms. Clayton served as Vice President, General Motors North American Quality and a member of the GM North American Strategy Board. Prior to that assignment she was the President and a director of Saturn Corporation, a subsidiary of General Motors Corporation, since April 2001. She was the Executive Director of Global Manufacturing Systems--Quality of General Motors Corporation from April 2000 to April 2001. From 1983 to 2000, Ms. Clayton held a number of production, engineering and management positions at several General Motors assembly plants. She serves on the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Leaders for Global Operations governing board and is a member of the External Advisory Board for the College of Engineering and Computer Science at Wright State University. She also serves as a director of Dell Asia Holdings Pte Ltd. Ms. Clayton is a member of our Compensation Committee and our Technology Committee. As President of Saturn Corporation, Ms. Clayton gained experience leading a large corporation which included overseeing financial and accounting matters as well as profit and loss responsibility. With many years of experience running large scale supply chain manufacturing companies with global presence, Ms. Clayton brings to the Board expertise in supply chain, global expansion and consumer durable areas. She also has experience in engineering, production and manufacturing.

    Director Since October 2013
    Director since 2011

    Mr. Hendrickson has been Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The Valspar Corporation, a global paint & coatings manufacturer since June 1, 2011 and prior to that was the President & COO since 2008. From 2005 to February 2008, Mr. Hendrickson served as the Senior Vice President responsible for several significant business divisions and President, Asia Pacific of The Valspar Corporation and was the Group Vice President, Global Wood Coatings and President, Asia Pacific of The Valspar Corporation from 2004 to 2005. Prior to that, he served as Corporate Vice President and President, Asia Pacific of The Valspar Corporation from 2001 to 2004. He has been a director of The Valspar Corporation since 2009. Mr. Hendrickson's experience as president and chief operating officer of a global company provides expertise in corporate leadership and development and execution of business growth strategy. Mr. Hendrickson will also bring to the Board significant global experience and knowledge of competitive strategy and international competition. As a director for other public companies, Mr. Hendrickson also provides significant board experience.

    Mr. Kessler was the Chief Executive Officer of SRTechnics AG from January 2008 through January 2010. SRTechnics is a privately-held aircraft, component and engine service provider with facilities located in Switzerland, Ireland, Great Britain, France, Spain, Malta and China. From September 2004 through October 2007, Mr. Kessler was the President and Chief Executive Officer of MTU Aero Engines AG, in Munich, Germany, an aero engine design, development, manufacturing and service company, where he was instrumental in preparing the company for a successful initial public offering on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Prior to September 2004, Mr. Kessler held management and executive positions for 20 years at Honeywell International and its preceding company AlliedSignal Corp. Among other roles he led Honeywell's Aerospace aftermarket services business with 27 facilities around the world. Mr. Kessler is a member of our Audit Committee and our Technology Committee. Mr. Kessler is based in Europe and has extensive experience in international management and mergers and acquisitions. Through his employment at Honeywell International, Mr. Kessler obtained skills in talent and organization development, engineering and operations management and the ability to build strong and lasting customer relationships. He is recognized as an industry leader in the global aerospace and defense markets, whichwill be helpful as we strive to grow our military and international business. His experience in operations, service and global business are expected to be a key asset to us as we continue to increase our sales globally and strive to increase operational efficiency.

    Director since 2007

    Mr. Wiehoff has been Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of C.H. Robinson Worldwide since 2007 and Chief Executive Officer of that company since May 2002, following a three-year succession process during which he was named President in December 1999. He has been a director of C.H. Robinson since December 2001. He was Vice President and Chief Financial Officer from June 1998 to December 1999. Previous positions with C.H. Robinson include Treasurer and Corporate Controller. Prior to joining C.H. Robinson in 1992, he was employed by Arthur Andersen LLP. Mr. Wiehoff also serves on the Board of Directors of Donaldson Company, Inc. Mr. Wiehoff is a member of our Audit Committee and serves as the Chair of our Corporate Governance and Nominating Committee. Mr. Wiehoff is an experienced financial leader with skills necessary to serve on our Audit Committee. His previous position as Chief Financial Officer of C.H. Robinson and employment at Arthur Andersen make him a valuable asset, on our Board of Directors, Corporate Governance and Nominating Committee and our Audit Committee, and his exposure to complex financial issues at such large corporations makes him a skilled advisor. Further, his expertise as a CEO and expertise in logistics adds significant value to the Board.

    Director since 2008

    Mr. Wine has been the Chief Executive Officer of Polaris since September 1, 2008, and was appointed as a member of our Board of Directors on October 23, 2008. Prior to joining Polaris, Mr. Wine served as President of Fire Safety Americas, the Fire & Security Division of United Technologies Corporation since 2007, and, prior to that time, held senior leadership positions at Danaher Corp. from 2003 to 2007, serving as President of its Jacob Vehicle Systems and Veeder-Root subsidiaries and Vice President and General Manager, Manufacturing Programs in Europe. From 1996 to 2003, Mr. Wine held a number of operations and executive positions, both international and domestic, with Allied Signal Corp.'s Aerospace Division, which became Honeywell International after a 1999 merger with Honeywell, Inc. Mr. Wine is a member of our Technology Committee. As a proven leader with considerable experience across a variety of industries and three outstanding international companies, Mr. Wine has a track record of producing exceptional results. Mr. Wine also brings to the Board extensive expertise in mergers and acquisitions in the U.S., Europe and Asia. Mr. Wine's knowledge of all aspects of our business as its CEO, combined with his drive for innovation and excellence, position him well to serve as a Board member. Mr. Wine plays a key role in facilitating the communication and the flow of information between management and the Board on a regular basis.

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